I’m a Research Scientist Intern at LG AI Research, working on model generalization. I’m a fresh master’s graduate from the Graduate School of Data Science, Seoul National University. I was fortunate enough to be advised by Professor Sanghack Lee.

My research interests include Causal Representation Learning and Out-of-Distribution(OOD) Robustness. I’m also a big fan of History👨🏻‍🏫, Jazz🎷 and Doritos🔥.

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Here’s a more formal version of my CV.

📄 Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

LG AI Research - Research Scientist Intern   (July 2023 ~ Present)

  • Research Scientist Intern at LG AI Research, Data Intelligence Lab
  • Research Field: Time-Series Foundation Models, Out-of-distribution generalization via loss landscape shifting, Application of Large Language Models for Time-Series Forecasting

Causality Lab, SNU GSDS - Research Assistant   (July 2021 ~ August 2023)

  • Research Assistant at Causality Lab, Seoul National University GSDS
  • Research Field: Leveraging causality for effective Out-of-Distribution Generalization

VAIV Company - Analyst Intern   (January 2019 ~ February 2019)

  • Analyst Intern at VAIV Company
  • NLP-based Market Sentiment Analysis


Master of Science, Seoul National University

  • Master of Data Science   (March 2021 ~ August 2023)
  • Advisor: Professor Sanghack Lee
  • Field of Research: Causality, Causal Representation Learning

Bachelor of Arts, Seoul National University

  • Information Science & Culture/ Western History   (March 2014 ~ February 2021)
  • I worked on the interdisciplinary research on merging computational linguistics to historical research.